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Who We Serve?

American Health Central is a well-known medical & dental billing service committed to providing outstanding assistance to many different kinds of healthcare facilities. From major medical facilities to small private practices. We have the experience to ensure that every customer receives effective and personalized medical and dental billing services. American Health Central simplifies the difficult process of billing and coding, focusing on accuracy, efficiency, and compliance. so that healthcare practitioners can focus on providing high-quality patient care.

    Our Services

     Our team is committed to providing tailored solutions that streamline processes, enhance revenue cycles, and ensure compliance.

    Coding & Claim Submission

    Transforming complexity into clarity for seamless claims processing.American Health Central specializes in precise coding and efficient claim submission to streamline your revenue cycle. Our services ensure accurate coding practices and timely claim processing, minimizing errors and maximizing reimbursements for healthcare providers

    Accounts Receivable

    American Health Central offers comprehensive Accounts Receivable services to ensure timely and efficient collection of payments. Our team manages outstanding invoices, follows up on overdue accounts, and optimizes cash flow, helping healthcare providers maintain financial stability and focus on patient care.

    Credentials & Contracting

    American Health Central offers comprehensive credentials and contracting services, ensuring healthcare providers meet all necessary qualifications and maintain compliance. Our team handles the complexities of provider enrollment and contract negotiations, allowing you to focus on patient care.

    Out of Network Negotiation

    American Health Central offers expert out-of-network negotiation services to secure better reimbursement rates for healthcare providers. We leverage our industry experience and negotiation skills to maximize your revenue and reduce the financial burden on your practice.

    Eligibility & Benefits Verification

    American Health Central offers comprehensive eligibility and benefits verification services to ensure patients are covered for necessary procedures. Our team verifies coverage details and benefits, reducing claim denials and improving the overall patient experience.

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    Custom Tailored Medical & Dental Billing Services

    We strive to offer dependable services that enable your organization to achieve the highest return on investment. American Health Central provides effective solutions for healthcare entities of all sizes, from small physician practices to large medical organizations.

    Focus on Patient Care

    Focus on Patient Care" emphasizes providing high-quality, compassionate healthcare tailored to each individual's needs. This approach prioritizes patient well-being and enhances overall satisfaction and outcomes.

    Reduced Administrative Duties

    Reduced Administrative Duties" involves minimizing paperwork to allow healthcare professionals more time for direct patient care. This enhances efficiency and overall patient satisfaction.

    Enhanced Cash Flow

    Enhanced Cash Flow" ensures a steady and increased flow of revenue, improving financial stability and operational efficiency. This allows for better resource allocation and long-term growth.

    Reduced Billing Errors

    Reduced Billing Errors" ensures accuracy in financial transactions, decreasing disputes and enhancing patient trust. This leads to improved revenue cycle management and operational efficiency.

    Improved Patient Satisfaction

    Improved Patient Satisfaction" focuses on enhancing the overall patient experience by providing excellent care and efficient services. This leads to higher patient loyalty and better health outcomes.

    Secured Patient Data

    Secured Patient Data" ensures the protection of sensitive patient information through robust encryption and strict access controls. This safeguards privacy and complies with healthcare regulations.

    Billing Compliance

    Billing Compliance ensures that all billing practices adhere to legal and regulatory standards. This helps prevent fraud, reduce errors, and avoid penalties, safeguarding the practice's financial integrity.

    Process Claims Faster

    Process Claims Faster" accelerates the reimbursement cycle by expediting claim submission and processing. This improves cash flow, minimizes revenue delays, and enhances overall operational efficiency.

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